Spiral Skies Bellydance

Bringing the Middle East to the Big Sky!

Holiday Hafla!

November 16th 


Come one, come all!!
Let's dance, mingle, and be merry.
We will have a lovely stage space - some chairs, pillows and rugs for the audience - and beautiful music and twinkling lights.
Let's potluck it! - Bring snacks dishes, and beverages. And your friends and loved ones!

Have a new troupe piece? Wanna try your hand at soloing? A new costume you wanna try? Or that Choreo your still working on? NOW IS THE TIME! Dress up or dress down, whatever works for you! We want to see all the lovely dancers in this area!  Bring your music on CD - IPod - Laptop - Your phone, etc.
This is for us to have fun all while we also help raise goods and items for the Women's Shelter!!! If you can, please bring either a *$5 donation* or any items that will go directly to the Women's Shelter just before the holidays. Here is a list of items that may also be donated: Bras, Underwear, Socks, Toiletries (deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.), Pads and tampons, Pajamas, Diapers and wipes, Cosmetics and nail polish (These items can help some women feel better about their appearance, especially for job interviews.)
Bus passes and gas cards (They spend a lot of time trying to get around while searching for employment, looking for housing and keeping various appointments.) Cell phones (Old phones may be given to women to use in case of an emergency or to provide a contact number for job applications. If the shelter can't use the phones themselves, they may be able to receive funds for them through an exchange program.)

Let's give a little back to our community all while having a wonderful evening of dance and friendship!

Festival of Trees!

December 2


Spiral Skies and Friends will be performing at the Festival of Trees, which is an annual Fundraiser for the Family Tree Center of Billings. It combines beautifully decorated trees, childrens programs, a children's play area with Santa, and 85 vendors selling a wide assortment of items!