Spiral Skies Bellydance

Bringing the Middle East to the Big Sky!

Upcoming Events:

Saturday April 22nd, 2017, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Al Bedoo Shrine Auditorium, Billings, MT

Come enjoy a full line-up show with a variety of groups and soloists showing the great diversity that belly dance and the members of the local community offers! The Soiree is set up as an educational exchange of dance so that students of bellydance not only get to watch some great performances, but also get a chance to perform solos and group numbers in a supportive environment. It is sure to be a beautiful night of dance! A portion of the final proceeds will be donated to The Montana Audubon Center in honor of Earth Day!

Pre-sale tickets available $10.00:

@ Barjon's Bookstore (available on 3/1/17)

@ www.spiralskiesbellydance.com (visit our shopping page today!)

@ The door tickets for $12.00 (if seating available.)


**DANCERS! Would you like to perform in the Soiree Showcase? Spots are assigned on a first come/first serve basis. Contact our Spiral Sister Jennifer Bailey at ---->[email protected] to register!

Please follow these guidelines when applying for your spot:

~ Song Time Limits: Solo = 3:30mins, Duets = 4mins, Groups = 5mins

(Please respect these time limits. There will be more performance slots if we all stick to these time limits... or even opt for shorter songs!)

~ Music CD or email MUST be mailed in within a timely period of submitting your request. Your request will not be considered until your music is received.

~ Emailing your music is allowed, as long as the music is all made into ONE track.

~Please send music exactly how you'd like your performance to go (including pauses) and with only your performance music (nothing else on CD.)

~ Provide full song information including artist name, title, total length of time and whether you want your music to start ON or OFF stage. If any information is missing, your slot will not be confirmed.

~ Prop? If so, what is it?

~ There is a $5 performer fee per person.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

AUGUST 18-20th, 2017

The Yellowstone Valley Belly Dance Festival is the heart and soul of Spiral Skies Belly Dance Troupe. As a group, we volunteer countless hours of hard work all year long to bring popular, professional dancers to Billings, host a gala showcase and provide abundant shopping opportunities. Spiral Skies’ ultimate goal is to create a full weekend celebrating our love of belly dance! Dancers from across the U.S. and Canada travel to attend this event, which is the largest festival in the region.

Spiral Skies Belly Dance is pleased to announce this year’s headliners:

Silvia Salamanca

Moria Chappell

WORKSHOPS: Aug. 18-20, dancers will attend workshops focusing on topics such as technique, musicality and fine tuning their skills as a dancer. This year's workshops will feature Moria Chappell, offering hours of instruction on Make-Up, Technique and Odissi Tribal Fusion Bellydance; And Silvia Salamanca, who will co-headline and offer instruction in her specialty of swords and Flamenco Fusion. (For workshop information, please visit our Shopping page.)

BELLYDANCE SHOW! 10th Annual Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival's Gala Showcase: 7 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 19, at Alberta Bair Theater: an evening of exquisite, innovative, and entertaining belly dance! Headliners Moria and Silvia, along with an awe-inspiring collection of regional dancers will showcase the various cultural styles, music, and costumes of belly dance in the "Bellydance Spectacular!" gala showcase.

This family-friendly showcase is an exciting one-night-only opportunity to enter the dazzling and glamourous world of belly dance! This gala show caps off the 10th Annual Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival hosted by Spiral Skies Bellydance.

PERFORMERS!  CHECK THIS OUT! --->  2017 is a special year for Spiral Skies Bellydance! This year we are celebrating the 10th Annual Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival and we are going all out. We are creating a routine that will highlight what we all have achieved in last 10 years as a community and what better way to do that than include those dancers in our festival finale piece!

We would be honored to have our Gala Showcase performer’s participate in an epic 12 minute finale piece to the amazing song, “Knights of Shame,” by AWOLNATION. This song is about following your own heartbeat, listening to what calls to your soul, and living life to its fullest.

All Gala Showcase performers are invited to produce and perform their own specifically assigned portions of the song. In addition, the last three to four minutes of the song will call for all dancers to come back to the stage and dance with Spiral Skies with veils (details of that choreography to follow.)

This is who we are: a community of dancers celebrating 10 years of coming together and honoring this beautiful art form we all love.

If you are planning on attending and performing in the 10th Annual Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival, please consider joining us again, onstage for a grand and epic finale. We would be privileged and delighted to have you!

"Dance baby, dance, like the world is ending."

In dance,

Spiral Skies Bellydance