Spiral Skies Bellydance

Bringing Bellydance to the Big Sky!

Classes and Information:

We offer a myriad of fun classes catering to your joyful spirit!  Check the schedule below for information.  If you need more information beyond what's listed below, please visit our contact page with your request.


Spiral Skies Troupe Rehearsal: 6-8pm  Spiral Skies meets at Sky Studio.

Beginner & Advanced Bellydance Class:  Bindi Bellydance Classes are all about learning belly dance, such as belly dance posture, all of the core moves, and how to travel with them.  It's a fun & energetic, informative and a great work out!  

Beginner: 6-7pm, Advanced 7-8pm @ Grace United Methodist Church


Group Format Bellydance classITS stands for Improvisational Tribal Style. This style of dance is a non-verbal form of communication where groups can dance together using a specific vocabulary of movements communicating the timing and variations of the vocabulary. We like to compare Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) to a language.  Classes offer a healthy workout with great music and continuous movement. Fusing multiple dance and music influences, Hot Pot/UNMATA Improv Tribal Style takes belly dance to a modern day level accessible to all.

Level One: 6:30-7:30pm, Level Two: 7:30-8:30pm

For registration info, please email:  [email protected]


Beginning Bellydance Classes = with Bek Schatzke - If you're interested in learning or brushing up on some basics and having a lot of fun while doing so, please come! Wear just workout clothes and a smile.

6-7pm at Lockwood School in the 3-5 gym.


Beginner and Advanced Bellydance Classes = Urban Sands Bellydance provides bellydance instruction for the modern woman. We encourage our dancers to fuse their passion for bellydance with their own artistic vision. Traditional bellydance can be blended with modern ideas to create a unique and beautiful style of bellydance.

Beginner 10-11am.  Advanced 11am - Noon. 

For more information, please visit contact: [email protected]