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Soiree: Turkish Roman Part 1


Saturday, APRIL 22nd (Soiree Workshop)


Fancy 9/8 Footwork of the Turkish Roman - Part One:

This introductory course to Turkish Roman Dance will cover everything from toes to head, arms to belly. Fiery, fun footwork, and story telling gestures make this dance totally unique and expressive. Elizabeth learned this dance among the Rom (or “Gypsy”;) people in Turkey, and has taught and performed for almost two decades. She is sought out as one of the leading experts in the form and sited as an international bridge between cultures. The fancy, fun stylings of Turkish Roman dance are at once familiar and foreign to many belly dancers. The material offered in this class is challenging and deeply layered for all levels, offering sublime subtlety for advanced students and exciting overviews for beginners. Everyone will find a way to go deeper into their own practice while experiencing the rich and wonderfully colorful, traditionally improvisational movement of Turkish Roman dance.

9/8 footwork classes are a total workout that will make you feel great, and add depth to your own dance vocabulary, whatever your background.

-Every participant gets a bonus MP3 download of authentic Turkish Roman music to listen to at home!

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