Spiral Skies Bellydance

Bringing Bellydance to the Big Sky!




July 7th, 12:15-1pm

**LUNCH TALK with Amy & Ashley** 12:15-1:00pm

"Giving Your Best" Have a healthy lunch all while listening to Amy's pep talk "Giving Your Best!" (You choose your menu selection upon checkout on our shopping page. $12 includes lunch and the talk.)

"I am passionate about group work, inclusivity and fitness. I am moved by music and work ethic, by Art and expression. Dance is all of these things for me. It is a way to further my relationship with my body and share these findings with others. What's beautiful about dance is that it is "me". It is "you". It is "us". What a beautiful thing to express yourself with yourself. Is there anything more authentic?" - Amy Sigil

We will email you a list of lunch choices from Pita Pit.

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