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Posted by Tessa Thompson on April 1, 2013 at 10:15 AM

I first learned to belly dance 5½ years ago from a former instructor here in Miles City who was offering classes. Going to the gym gets old to me in a hurry, and I was looking for some kind of physical activity that I would enjoy and not get bored with. After hearing from a co-worker who had previously taken a class and enjoyed it, I had to try it. I signed up for the class and was hooked!

Honestly, I think one of the things I like best about belly dancing is that its probably the last thing that anyone who knows me would expect me to do, ha ha! I’m a horseback-riding, boots-and-jeans wearing, outdoorsy, tough kind of girl so being a belly dancer is a totally different, unexpected side of me. Really though, I love the creativity and confidence that belly dancing inspires.

There’s so many different sides to belly dancing that the most uncreative person (like me!) can’t help but find something that “moves” them. It allows you to put whatever you’re feeling in that moment into motion, and then having the confidence to show other people that feeling is awesome. And I love that it brings together such a diverse group of ladies from all different walks of life. We never stop learning from and appreciating each other.

Movement-wise, I find myself being drawn to all things tribal and tribal fusion-ish – I love anything “pop and locky,” undulations, things like that. There’s something about sharp, crisp movements along with anything smooth and rolling all tied together that I really enjoy and think is such a unique form of expression. Lately, cabaret style has gotten my attention as well. My artistic inspiration comes from my fellow troupe member, Kira Niece (Caliope). Watching her move is magic, she captivates you. She can go from dark and mysterious to dramatic, upbeat and even silly in a second and its so effortless. Whether we’re dancing as a troupe or alone, Kira pushes us to not settle for anything less than what we’re really capable of.

My favorite part of costuming is that the sky’s the limit! Every time you get all done up, it may never be the same twice. There’s so many different hairstyles, makeup ideas, jewelry, outfit ideas and styles that you never get bored. I like seeing what other imaginative and different things people are doing and then figuring out how to tweak it and make it unique to me.

My future goals as a dancer are to keep finding my own creativity in all aspects of belly dancing, to improve on choreography and not over-think it so much, and to continue to educate the public on this great art and make believers out of our nay-sayers and those who don't understand. And of course, to always have fun!

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