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False Eyelashes!

Posted by Tessa Thompson on February 13, 2012 at 4:50 PM

Hi, I'm Indaya, one of Spiral Skies bellydance troupe sisters. I love to dance and we perform often, as a result I've learned a few things about preparing for a belly dance performance. In this case I'm going to discuss an aspect of costuming. Belly dance costuming of course includes hair, head pieces, make-up and so on. And, adding a good pair of false eyelashes to your belly dance costume can add a little more drama!

In this article I would like to address how to properly apply and remove false eyelashes. I feel that using eye lashes while performing your belly dance routine adds a lot of drama to your facial expressions. Depending on the type of lash you use to perform, you can achieve many different looks from just having full lashes to having a very wide eyed elaborate look. Since we are belly dancers you are free to be as elaborate as you want! Performing with Spiral Skies Belly Dance Troupe has really given me the confidence to be more creative in my costuming than I was doing before and I think it would be awesome to see all the belly dancers in the community be more elaborate too! Plus it's fun :)

False Eyelashes Application & Removal:

If you are new to fake lashes I would start with a light pair and work my way up to the big full long ones. Eyelashes can be very uncomfortable if you are not used to them or if not applied correctly.  My preferred product is "Proclaim" Super Bond Professional Formula Dark." (Small bottle with a red lid.)  Also, purchase "Weave Bonding Glue in Black" from Sally's (always test for allergic reaction before applying this glue to your skin.)

1. Carefully take them out of the package and place them on your eye. If they are longer than your eye trim them to a good fit. You don't want the edge of the lash at the corner of your eye as it can be pokey and very irritating.

2. I use "weave bonding glue" in black from Sally's. It is far less messy, very tacky and sets fast so you are not messing with sloppy eye lash glue that gets in your eyes and takes forever to set. Test the glue on your arm for allergic reaction.

3. Holding the lash in your fingertips in the middle of where it will be on your eye.....use a toothpick and apply a thin layer of bonding glue the whole length of the lash.

4. Immediately and carefully set the eyelash in the center of your eye along the lash line but not on the eyelashes themselves.

5. Take a clean toothpick and lightly tap the length of the lash against your eyelid until the whole lash is in place.....sometimes you have to remove and do over until you get the hang of it.

6. Wait about a minute for the glue to adhere completely then lightly use an eyelash curler...this mixes your eyelashes into the false lashes.

7. I use a light layer of mascara to keep my own lashes mixed in with the false lashes.

8. To remove....DO NOT just pull them off! This can lead to you pulling out your natural lashes! Use soap and water in a downward motion and they will remove. After you get them off carefully peel the glue off the fake lashes and use a dry cloth over the fake lashes to straighten them back out and remove the water and place back into the lash tray....you should be able to use a pair numerous times if handled correctly.

Bindi Application:

I find eyelash glue annoying and messy! I apply Bindi's using Flexible/Stretchable fabric glue. It sticks really well, adhere's fast, easily removed and holds like a charm!  (As I stated before, always test for allergic reaction before applying this glue to your skin.)

This glue also works great for applying individual rhinestones for those that are really ambitious!

Have fun & Shimmy On!


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Reply Tabatha-Jemilah
4:59 PM on March 12, 2012 
I also found a couple things that work, and often find myself nervous preparing, so myhands my get shaky - so holding the false lashes with tweezers helps minimize that. In addition I found an eyelash glue that is a little paint brush and paints on blue, turns clear when it dries so you know when it is set. But, it is quite easy to paint it onto the lash and apply like Indaya says above! Just another option! Happy Dancing!
Reply Williamshadow
12:49 AM on March 24, 2018 
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Thank you!!
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