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Creative Growth

Posted by Tessa Thompson on November 19, 2012 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Ever wonder what you can do to better yourself as a dancer or in your career?

Most of us find our "comfort zone" and tend to stay there.  How can one leave that comfort zone and grow?  Most of us would benefit from constructive critique from our peers but often times our peers are not comfortable approaching us.  Here is a very simple exercise that you can do to critique yourself and discover the areas that you need to focus on to be able to grow.  Sometimes you may have to look deeply inside of yourself to find these areas but you will find them.

Take a simple piece of paper and jot whatever you want to say about yourself down.  Go ahead, brag yourself up (make a brag page)List your qualities and attributes...your strong areas.   What is it that makes you feel proud about yourself when your dancing? What do you feel are your strongest points when you solo?   It can be anything from your hair to your technique.   What makes you feel as though you put on a great performance? 

Maybe your great qualities are: Good technique, spectacular costumes, stage presence, your smile, you are awesome at making eye contact, you try new things, your complimentary to your fellow dancers, your dedication, your passion, your an awesome zil player......truly anything that you feel is a strong point for you.

Now along with these wonderful attributes list your areas of weakness.   Maybe some of your weaknesses are: Do you need to make your moves bigger? Make them smaller? Make them tighter? Are your arms sloppy? Do you flail your arms? Do you have the dreaded flippy hand syndrome?  Do you need to work on confidence, self esteem?  Do you engage with your audience?  Do you need help with hair and costuming?  Need to learn how to use a prop?  

After you have made up your list of qualities and weaknesses, take one weakness at a time and work on making it a quality.  Keep at it and you'll eventually find the growth you're looking for.  And as always if you have an area that you just can't figure out on your own never be afraid to ask your fellow dancers for help.  Most will be more than happy to help you over a hump!

Finally, when you are feeling down about yourself as a dancer (or in any area of your life) look back at your list of qualities and remember... you are pretty awesome.  Realize that you've come a long way and are becoming the better dancer you've always dreamed of being!

Shimmy on!

Kyio - An ode to the Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival

Posted by Tessa Thompson on September 7, 2012 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)


An ode to the festival...

Sleeping tightly, snuggled safely inside their garden cabbage, little fairies dream of dancing, merriment and endless sunshine. Tucked in, they rest inside the leaves of an iridescent abode that provides safety and comfort. Their home. Far off in the distance, light breaks and as the sun rises the fairies tenderly embrace the warm radiance that gives them life. Kyio.

Centering, the fairies prepare themselves for another big day of work. Together, they focus on the day ahead and what they must accomplish to ensure the garden’s good health.

With a sudden burst of cosmic energy, the fairies disburse on their own paths of intention. Each fairy has a path and a purpose that fulfills a need. The first fairies go passionately to work and suddenly, a giant blaze leaps into focus! Dancing and twirling with their flames, the fire fairies begin the lifecycle by releasing the seeds of joy and stimulating the earth.

Moving off, the fire fairies leave a path peppered with new seeds.

Look! The water fairies are bringing rain, helping everything become bigger, stronger and healthier. As they dance about, water rains down refreshing the garden.

Finishing up their work, the water fairies leave the land fresh and clean, ready for the wind fairies. Giving the land breath, they glide upon the wind encouraging change in the garden. Without these fairies, the garden would remain the same, never changing or growing. They energize the garden, encouraging discovery and new possibilities.

As the day nears its close, all the fairies gather together for one last endeavor of the day. Together, they cultivate the earth and ensure that there is plenty of room for all of Kyio’s creations. Their play is work, and their work is a labor of love. Upon finishing, the fairies dance their way home leaving behind tilled earth ready for growth and new inhabitants.

After so much playing and dancing, the fairies must return to their iridescent home and rest up for tomorrow. They lay their heads upon their earthy bed, grateful for another day of life inside the beautiful garden. Until the break of the next day, they will dream of great gardens, endless fields of wildflowers, all their friends and the many new horizons awaiting them.


What in the world are we talking about? What does this story mean? What’s all this business about fairies and elements and cabbages? ((smile)) Well, we wanted to briefly explain the fun we had in creating and performing “Kyio” and the meaning we found in it.

Each member of Spiral Skies has a unique and useful talent that they bring to the troupe. They fulfill that which is needed to bring the festival to fruition. We bring these talents together and work very hard to create the festival. To us it’s a long and joyful dance we do all year long that brings fulfillment to our hearts. We are so grateful for the opportunities we’ve had and are very appreciative of all the new ones that come along the way.

Summed up, “Kyio” was a fun and light-hearted homage to the festival (garden) and we (the fairies) are having a wonderful time creating a unique and dynamic yearly event that celebrates the joy of belly dancing (Kyio.)   Check out the video in our video gallery... it's a lot of fun!

We thank you and hope you enjoyed the 5th Annual Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival as much as we did! Until next year, we encourage everyone to dream of all the possibilities in our bountiful, beautiful and growing garden. ~ Spiral Skies Bellydance Troupe


Posted by Spiral Skies Bellydance on May 10, 2009 at 1:18 AM Comments comments (6)

Dancing is the spirit lit into being...


Looking over our shoulders, we see an angel.  Laughing and flitting about; she gives her presence away.  Everything we could wish for is in the twinkle of those dancing eyes.  We share the same soul. 


And suddenly,  we look all around us and find angels dancing.  Dancing into the light, depth, dancing for humor, validation, love and...


Why do you dance?